Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new chapter begins.

Despite only living in my current apartment on the bottom floor of a 1920's house (don't get too excited, it had been remodeled  enough to lose 70% of the vintage charm when they converted it into a duplex) for a year, it is time to move. My current landlord wants to rent the space to his cousin, so Tony (my husband) and I had to go find a new place to live. We ended up finding a new space that will give us more room to breathe. We moved from a two bedroom 840 sq. ft. apartment last year to the current one bedroom 559 sq. ft. place. Needless to say, we are excited to have room to breathe again. We signed the lease and got the keys and this Saturday is the big move-in!

Here is the layout!

The downside of returning to an apartment complex from an old (despite the damper) house is decorating a space that has no architectural character whatsoever. Unless you count hideous soffits, and I don't. This blog will be my space to show how I turn a bland boxy apartment into a home. Welcome to 716, everyone. Please take your shoes off when you come inside. 

The front door looks kinda gross and is in need of help.