Saturday, April 23, 2011

Design A.D.D.: The Bedroom Edition

I have a confession. I have a problem with commitment. Design commitment, specifically. I just love too many different styles to nail down ONE way to decorate my home. It is part of the reason I love designing spaces for other people. I get to know their style and plan out an aesthetic for them that they'll love and be happy living with for ages. For my own home, I put together plans for amazing spaces. But a week or three later, I have some vision of the space in another way. It is maddening for me, much less my husband. I lack the ability to just move full speed ahead with an idea and I hesitate so long I let others creep inside.

For my bedroom, I have based all of my ideas around the furniture and a couple of bits of bedding I have for the space. Most of the furniture is French-inspired pieces with delicate curves. The pieces aren't a set, but they are all friendly enough to get along with each other. The bedding is a couple of gorgeous Ralph Lauren white embellished pillows (from Kohl's), and a vintage white coverlet (from Ebay). It is a nice and fairly neutral canvas. There should be no problem figuring out what to do! Au contraire, mon ami. It still leaves open the dozen delicious options for designing the space. The white walls are driving me insane, so I need to make a solid decision soon so I can paint them.

I am working on a few design boards to pin down the best contenders. For now, I will show some images of bedrooms I've collected that inspire me.

Seeing them laid out like this helps me see things I can use in my particular room. You can see here how much I love a trunk or bench at the foot of a bed. And I am a big fan of toss pillows on a bed in complimentary patterns and shapes, but generally not from a set. I'd love to have a chandelier, but that isn't something I could have here unless I used a plug-in version with a pesky visible cord running across my ceiling and down a wall.

Oh, Internet, I wish I could just keep designing YOUR rooms and not my own.

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