Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Severed Syroco Sadness

I like scroll-y crap. I don't go crazy with it, but I think a bit of it can add some charm to most decor. Especially when the pieces are painted and not left the original brassy gold, the old mirrors and sconces can live comfortably in modern rooms. A couple of years ago, I scored a Syroco Wood mirror at Goodwill for $3 or so.  I'm not sure if I was blinded by love, or if I noticed then, but my dear mirror had a flaw. Part of the scrollwork on one side at the top is broken off. The mirror was put into storage and I unearthed it a few months ago when I brought some things from the storage unit back to this apartment. It has been sitting in the entryway since then, and now I really want to figure out what to do to fix it.

(Please excuse the picture quality. I took this in the hallway and I just couldn't get a good picture of it.)

Did I forget to mention that the rose slapped on the front makes it look like it was used in a low-budget performance of Beauty and The Beast in the part of the (wall version of the) mirror? 

I will definitely be scraping the weird stained glass cling off later. Back to the point! Here is a better shot of the damage.

(Poor thing. At least it was a fairly clean break.)

I have no clue how I can fix this myself. The detail of the scroll and flower is a bit too complex for me to try to replicate with clay or plaster. I am left not knowing where to go from here. Do I try to remove the other part to make it symetrical? Do I leave it like this and hope that people are too stunned by their own beauty to notice the flaw? Do I glue a giant resin bird onto the void or something? Le sigh, guys.

I'm not ready to just throw in the towel. It has promise. This particular mirror looks adorable painted, too. (I'd use a color, though. The white here looks a bit too shabby chic.)

I will avoid embedding a ton of pictures showing painted Syroco or Hollywood Regency-style mirrors by just linking to one of my boards on Pinterest that has a bunch of them. My Gorgeous Inspiration board. It has more than just mirrors pinned, too.

I love you, mirror. And I will try to fix you.

(Gratuitous fan video of a beautiful movie and a sweet, but not entirely appropriate for the situation song. For giggles.)

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